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The Escape Youth Group provides summer activities for young people in Merton. In May 2008 six members of the group undertook Youth Act training to see not only how the youth group could develop, but also to see what they would improve in their local community.

Project started: May 2008

In the early stages of the training Escape really developed as a group focusing on youth provision all year round in Merton, rather than just in the holidays. Attending They were particularly keen to look at how after school activities could support and enhance their academic experiences, after recognised that current provision is at present poorly facilitated and quite sparse.

Their campaign then started to really focus and their campaign and look specifically at why there isnt enough support and encouragement for their education, and more directly at their homework. They have started devising a petition which calls for no more and no less than one hours homework a day, and are encouraging young people and parents to collaborate and work together on their homework. They are also holding an event in September to raise the profile of their campaign, and looking to lobby MPs, councillors and senior school staff on this issue.

Watch this space for updates on how their campaign for better focused and more collaborative homework develops!

Youth Act training and campaigns are running throughout London. A national Youth Act Train the Trainers programme is also available. Please contact the Youth Act team for more information 020 7566 5033 or email Ade Sofola (

This project is based on the internationally successful Youth Act! programme of street law begun by Street Law Inc in the United States (, which has campaigned to increase provision for homeless people, challenge discrimination and reduce gun crime.

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