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What's good in Lewisham?

Whats really good in Lewisham?

Lewisham-based youth group Youth Aid want to improve the skills, self-esteem and opportunities available to young people in Lewisham. They are campaigning to set up a base called What's really good in Lewisham?

Project started: Nov 2007

Youth Aid, a youth group from Lewisham, London, recognise that there are many positive and negative aspects to life for young people in Lewisham.

They feel that some of the more negative issues faced particularly by young people in Lewisham include: high rates of teenage pregnancy, high rates of STIs, gangs, and a lack of positive young role models aspects which they feel contribute to the creation of a negative image of young people in the area. At the same time, the group feel that there are a number of possible opportunities available to them to contribute positively to their community helping young people to develop skills, self esteem and an awareness of the range of options available to them.

In looking at approaches to support other young people in Lewisham, the campaign group have decided to create a base called: Whats really good in Lewisham? where young people can contact them to showcase positive things which young people are doing in the community and from which they can tell other young people about different opportunities available to them in Lewisham. They also hope to create a film or drama highlighting the issues faced by young people.

The group started training with Youth Act in October 2007, watch this space to see their camapaign develop!

Youth Act training and campaigns are running throughout London. A national Youth Act Train the Trainers programme is also available. Please contact the Youth Act team for more information 020 7566 5033 or email Ade Sofola (

This project is based on the internationally successful Youth Act! programme of street law begun by Street Law Inc in the United States (, which has campaigned to increase provision for homeless people, challenge discrimination and reduce gun crime.

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