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Waddon Warriers

Completing Youth Act training in April 2006, the Waddon Warriers dedicated their campaign to tackling bullying in Waddon. From two local schools, the group met through their local youth group.

Project started: Feb 2006

They're going to raise awareness and support students in three locals schools through:

*Designing a survey to look at bullying levels in the schools, the kind of bullying and the needs of students involved

*Writing and creating a play to be performed by them in 3 schools to raise awareness about bullying for students in years 3-11

*Surveying and identifying the bullying "hot spots" in the school and creating information and advice sheets for students to be left available in these places

*Recruiting a counsellor/trainer to train the group to become peer counsellors

The group have since created their own website and have been invited to join consultations with their local council on bullying in Waddon.

Interviews with the Waddon Warriors

What has been your experience of Youth Act?

Umut Chan, aged 12 Waddon Warriors

I got involved through my friends and meeting Ade when she came to meet us. I have learnt a lot and generally I feel I am more confident in what I do.

What do you want to change?

Michael, aged 12-Waddon Warriors

There are things in Wadden that need changing. Weve thought about bullying, violence, graffiti and abuse as issues wed like to think about in our campaign.

What are you looking forward to in your campaign?

I am looking forward to a better Waddon.

Interviews with the Waddon Warriors

Youth Act training and campaigns are running throughout London. A national Youth Act Train the Trainers programme is also available. Please contact the Youth Act team for more information 020 7566 5033 or email Ade Sofola (

This project is based on the internationally successful Youth Act! programme of street law begun by Street Law Inc in the United States (, which has campaigned to increase provision for homeless people, challenge discrimination and reduce gun crime.

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