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Bringing Unity to the Community

Kingsdale School 2005

This year's campaign group from Kingsdale School formed in October 2005. They're working on a project to improve community and social cohesion in the area around their school.

Project started: Oct 2005

As the name of their campaign suggests, this year's Kingsdale group are committed to "Bringing Unity to the Community."

The area surrounding Kingsdale school is really mixed. Eugene Biggs, one of the group's adult supporters explains:

"The school faces on to huge houses worth hundreds and thousands with car parking spaces for up to five cars! It also backs on to Kingsdale Estate which doesn't even have a community centre.There are all kinds of social problems but the biggest issue is how can you get people to gel in this area and do something together to bring about positive change?"

That is exactly what young people at Kingsdale School have decided to do.After joining young people from Lambeth College on the Youth Act residential in Autumn, the group completed six weeks of training sessions and came up with a plan to improve community relations in the surrounding area.

Writing a short play and a 45 minute workshop, the group plan to tour local primary schools getting the message across about the effects of anti-social behaviour, crime and drugs and most importantly how people can get together and do something about it.

"We chose to reduce anti-social behaviour in the Kingsdale School Community and wanted to develop our speaking and listening skills.

Youth Act made me realise that in order for people to take me seriously, I would have to give them a reason to." Ujiro, a group member explained.

The group meet weekly with the support of Kate, Julia and Eugene, parents and a connexions advisor at the school to come up with ideas, plan their work shops and set goals and targets.

So far the group have written a play, are designing leaflets to promote their event to primary schools, are designing a logo and t-shirts and have plans to take their workshop to primary schools in the local area in Summer 2006.

"It's a great team, it's hard work but a lot of fun. We can't wait to get our workshops together and visit the first primary school.It feels like things we're really starting to make a change."

Youth Act and Me - Hayley 14 Kingsdale School

Youth Act and Me - Hayley 14  Kingsdale School

Youth Act is one of the best projects that any teen should take part in.

While we learn and improve new skills we have fun at the same time.

Youth act is a chance for us to come together and campaign on issues we feel strongly about. We learn how to keep the community a happy place to live in.

Youth Act training and campaigns are running throughout London. A national Youth Act Train the Trainers programme is also available. Please contact the Youth Act team for more information 020 7566 5033 or email Ade Sofola (

This project is based on the internationally successful Youth Act! programme of street law begun by Street Law Inc in the United States (, which has campaigned to increase provision for homeless people, challenge discrimination and reduce gun crime.

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