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Kingsdale School

Kingsdale School Anti-Bullying Campaigners!

Sian, Haja, Scott and Adam were the founding members of the Kingsdale School, Southwark campaign group, with the support of Mandy Ricketts ,a Connexions PA.

Project started: Sep 2004

Through their participation in training sessions and the residential, the group developed a campaign targeted at addressing bullying and gangs in their school. Since setting up their campaign in October 2004, the group have been involved in a number of ways to make a difference in their school. They:

*Completed Youth Act training in Autumn 2004

*Researched other anti-gang violence initiatives.

*Worked with a BBC researcher to trace footage of and contacts for similar successful community based initiatives in Manchester

*Started the Youth Achievement Awards accreditation

*Planned to approach to Southwark Council to seek more awareness of the issues and need for financial support

*Helped to organise Anti-Bullying Week (as a part of national anti-bullying week) which included creating a display and running a poetry writing project

*Made a presentation to the school council to tell them about the campaign and to recruit new members to join the anti-gang and bullying campaign

*Designed a survey to find out how widespread bullying and gang violence are in the school and community

Analysed their results and collated data

*Planned to show results to the Headteacher and senior staff.

*Persuaded staff to implement the school anti-bullying policy more effectively

*Devised a play to take to assemblies and recruit new members especially for years 7 and 8.

*Developed a website in order to encourage people to contact the Youth Act group with their problems and to provide support/information

*Were invited to make a presentation to members of the Civil Renewal Unit, Home Office.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training and residential weekend. It was hard work, but it was rewarding to see my group learning new skills. The trainers were very enthusiastic, positive and supportive. The whole Youth Act programme is geared toward promoting real action in the community. I would recommend it to other youth groups and schools."

Mandy Ricketts, Connexions Worker, Kingsdale School

Youth Act and Me - Haja

"Youth Act means a lot to me as it has brought out qualities in me I never knew I had and helped me to achieve things I never thought I could. My Youth Act achievements will always be very important and close to me."


Youth Act training and campaigns are running throughout London. A national Youth Act Train the Trainers programme is also available. Please contact the Youth Act team for more information 020 7566 5033 or email Ade Sofola (

This project is based on the internationally successful Youth Act! programme of street law begun by Street Law Inc in the United States (, which has campaigned to increase provision for homeless people, challenge discrimination and reduce gun crime.

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