Current projects - listed alphabetically

'Engage' >> 
The Engage campaign group was made up of students from Northumberland Park Community School, Haringey. They worked closely with PC Colin Moorhouse, and ran a great anti-mobile phone theft campaign together .

'It's a Hackney Thing!' - Skinners School >> 
'It's a Hackney Thing!' Tackling the issue of postcode warfare: how to tackle the issue of young people having no where to go and nothing to do!

'Value Life: We are the Future' >> 
Value Life are a group of students from Gladesmore Community School who campaign against gun crime, a terrifying issue in Haringey, the area they live in.

Alperton School >> 
Five students from Alperton School have chosen to campaign to bring the diverse community they live in together and to improve employability and skills through art activities for everyone. Their campaign for art workshops has been so succesful that the group have secured over 16,000 in funding towards running further sessions and building an art gallery, a permanent space to exhibit work from their community art workshops.

Anti-Bullying Massif (ABM) >> 
The ABM are working to combat bullying at school, in London and on a national level!They run a peer-mentoring scheme counselling young people, operate an anonymous teacher/student referral process and raise awareness through workshops and assemblies about bullying in their school and local area.

Anti-Bullying Squad >> 
Shona, Georgia, Harriet and youth worker Brenda make up the Anti-Bullying squad.
(Derbyshire Dales)  

Bang Edutainment >> 
Bang Edutainment is a youth music project based in Brent. The group are working on a campaign to improve young people's accessibility to facilities for young people in Brent.

Buxton 4 Youth >> 
Danielle, Holly, Laura and Sarah care campigning to extend opening hours at their local hospital.
(High Peak)  

Changes - Our Name is our Aim >> 
A group of year 9 students at Willowfield School in Waltham Forest are working to educate people in their community about the dangers of knife crime.
(Waltham Forest)  

Don't Label Me. Don't Label yourself. >> 
Will, Mae and Lara are members of their school council.Their campaign is about challenging the stereotypes of young people held by the Wirksworth community in Derbyshire.
(Derbyshire Dales)  

Eltham Green School >> 
Students at Eltham Green School are using drama to communicate crime and safety messages to young people in their community.

Escape >> 
The Escape Youth Group provides summer activities for young people in Merton. In May 2008 six members of the group undertook Youth Act training to see not only how the youth group could develop, but also to see what they would improve in their local community.

Hoods Up >> 
Students and their teachers from Tom Hood School in Waltham Forest chose to focus their campaign on improving the reputation of their school in the local community
(Waltham Forest)  

Kingsdale School 2005 >> 
This year's campaign group from Kingsdale School formed in October 2005. They're working on a project to improve community and social cohesion in the area around their school.

Make a Change >> 
Aims to improve safety, lighting and facilities on the estate, and to give a voice to young people.

Make Me Safe >> 
Cassie, Emma and their youth worker Pam are working together to improve lighting and general safety in their neighbourhood.
(High Peak)  

Movement >> 
In June 2006 16 students from various Year 8 at George Mitchell school in Leyton set up their own Youth Act campaign team. The issue they chose to address is knife crime, an issue they all feel very strongly about.
(Waltham Forest)  

New Addington Young Advisors >> 
One of two groups in New Addington the NAYA (New Addington Young Advisors) are working on a project to improve relations between young people and the police

New Mills Shelter Project >> 
Originally formed in 2003 Josh, Kym and Lyndsey are the leading members of the New Mills Youth Shelter Campaign. Assisted by their youth workers Sarah and Faye, teh group have campaigned for four years to build a new youth shelter in New Mills, Derbyshire and to confront negative perceptions of young people in Derbyshire. In late 2006, they finally suceeded and in 2007 built their first youth shelter!
(High Peak)  

OK Club >> 
Mikeda, Shabaz, Corrine, Mikael and their youth worker Jay from Kilburn's OK Club want to improve understanding and build stronger relations between young people and the police.

Southside Movers - Lambeth College >> 
The group's campaign is dedicated to improving communication between young people and the police and developing awareness amongst young people about their rights regarding police arrest.

The Litter Troopers! >> 
The Litter Troopers are a group of students and sixth formers from Hounslow Manor School in west London who felt particularly passionate about their local environment. Setting up the Litter Troopers they have started to run a campaign to clean up their community!

Understood - Warwick School >> 
Living in Waltham Forest and feeling the current tensions amongst the community and in particular towards the Muslim community in the aftermath of 7/7 and the recent terrorism-related arrests in the area, young people at Warwick School want to bring cohesion and understanding to their community.
(Waltham Forest)  

Unloc! >> 
- Make the right choice when deciding who you hang out with - Do the right thing and dont do things you wouldnt do on your own -Pass it on to people you respect Unloc, a youth group from West Drayton in Hillingdon realised that they could overcome negativity they had experienced in their schools, by turning this into positivity in looking at the wider community.

Waddon Warriers >> 
Completing Youth Act training in April 2006, the Waddon Warriers dedicated their campaign to tackling bullying in Waddon. From two local schools, the group met through their local youth group.

We're young carers! Merton Young Carers! >> 
Merton Young Carers started Youth Act training in May 2008, and almost immediately knew what issue they wanted to focus upon. After initial sessions on identifying the needs in the local community, they agreed what was all close to them, was the lack of understanding and knowledge about young carers.

What's good in Lewisham? >> 
Whats really good in Lewisham? Lewisham-based youth group Youth Aid want to improve the skills, self-esteem and opportunities available to young people in Lewisham. They are campaigning to set up a base called What's really good in Lewisham?

YMCA -Young Members Committed to Addington >> 
Concerned with the image of young people in the area and the lack of access to facilities for young people, the group are working with their local youth centre and council to find out the needs of young people in the area and make sure they are met.

Youth Action >> 
The Youth Action group are working on a campaign to improve services for young people in their community.
(High Peak)  

Youth Act training and campaigns are running throughout London. A national Youth Act Train the Trainers programme is also available. Please contact the Youth Act team for more information 020 7566 5033 or email Ade Sofola (

This project is based on the internationally successful Youth Act! programme of street law begun by Street Law Inc in the United States (, which has campaigned to increase provision for homeless people, challenge discrimination and reduce gun crime.

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