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Ending Slavery: an unfinished business

Author: Terry Fiehn

Cover of 'Ending Slavery', a resource pack for Citizenship, History and Religious Education.


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A resource pack for Citizenship, History and Religious Education.

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14 - 16


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ISBN: 0-953-01857-1


Citizenship Foundation (with the Church Mission Society)
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2007 marked the bicentenary of the Act of Parliament abolishing the transatlantic slave trade.

The antislavery movement was the first major campaign in Britain to involve ordinary citizens across all classes (as well as the slaves themselves) in the struggle to end the practice. As such it is a good example of how change can come about when people work together for a just cause. This booklet intends inspire and equip young people to take a stand against the continuation of slavery and injustice in the world today.

The booklet is the result of a collaboration between the Citizenship Foundation and the Church Mission Society.

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