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Understanding Citizenship: Teachers' Resource

Authors: Tony Thorpe and Julie Gibbings

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A progressive course for Key Stage 3 Citizenship.

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ISBN: 978-0-340-95921-3


Hodder Education


Understanding Citizenship is a progressive course for Key Stage 3 Citizenship. A series of three students' books and one teachers' book, it has been developed to provide a straightforward and up-to date means of teaching the statutory orders. Building on the interests of young people, it uses imaginative and interesting activities that encourage an understanding of their rights and responsibilities, and stimulate critical thinking skills of discussion and enquiry. A sound basis for class discussions, project work and wider activities in school and the local community.

This Teacher's Resource website fully supports the teaching and learning of the course through:

* mapping the pupil's books to the Programme of Study and giving advice on how to plan a Citizenship course

* giving detailed guidance on how to best carry out the acitivities on each spread of the pupil's books

* providing a more developed activity on each of the key themes, along with worksheets and supporting material.

Buy online from amazon.co.uk

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