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22 June, 2016

We got Gold! Our Boom, Bust and Crunch programme won 'Best educational project' in the Corporate Engagement Awards!

Last night we won the top award for 'Best educational project' at the Corporate Engagement Awards. Our partnership with FTI Consulting netted us the Gold award for Boom, Bust & Crunch, our unique schools programme about the financial crisis.

Boom Bust and Crunch wins Gold at the Corporate Engagement Awards 2016

Boom, Bust & Crunch puts financial experts from FTI Consulting into school classrooms to help young people explore the causes, effects, impacts and lessons of the economic situation of recent years.

Over three weeks, students learn about the economy and how it affects us all, through stories of characters that live through the ‘boom' and ‘bust' periods of the 21st century.

Many secondary school students have grown up in the aftermath of 'the financial crisis' and will have absorbed the reactions from their family and the media. Yet, this topic is rarely addressed in schools.

FTI Consulting an international company 'at the forefront of financial services innovation'. They brought in the Citizenship Foundation to help address this gap in the secondary school curriculum, while creating an excellent corporate social responsibility opportunity for its own employees.

One of the most significant and unique elements of Boom, Bust & Crunch is the opportunities it offers for volunteering at several different stages of development.

FTI Consulting wanted to draw on the expertise of its financial consultants to establish the nature of the programme's content, its in-house design team to create interactive and user-friendly resources, and the classroom volunteers to present the information in an accessible and engaging way.

FTI Consulting's involvement in every aspect of Boom, Bust & Crunch not only guarantees a high-quality educational resource, but also builds a sense of ownership of the programme's evolution.

We are exceptionally proud that this working relationship has won the Gold award for 'Best educational programme', beating Channel 4, Scope, Linklaters and BP to the top spot - but very well done to them too!


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