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27 July, 2015

Exam boards submit new GCSE citizenship proposals to Ofqual

Earlier this year, Ofqual produced its new requirements for GCSE citizenship. Last week, the awarding bodies revealed their draft specifications.

A Lawyers in Schools participant engrossed in the activity.

The three awarding bodies that offer GCSE citizenship - AQA, Edexcel and OCR - have now submitted their draft specifications to the exams regulator, Ofqual. They are due to be finalised during October, for first teaching in 2016 and first examination in 2018. 

The Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) has a handy pdf showing the differences between each of the draft specifications.

The Department for Education announced changes to the new citizenship GCSE in February.

The most glaring differences are that assessment will now be wholly by exam (a massive change, because examination currently accounts for only 40 per cent of the final grade) and that 'active citizenship' will only count toward 15 per cent of that exam.

To stop schools avoiding active citizenship altogether (15 per cent may not seem worth bothering with), examination centres must provide their awarding body with a declaration of each students' activity in that area.

Each draft specification is available online:


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