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21 March, 2003

Iraq and young people's need to know

The Citizenship Foundation welcomes the vigorous discussion among young people of the events surrounding Iraq.

It is not for us to condone truancy and absences from school. But we hope that teachers will make every effort to use the time they have within the National Curriculum for Citizenship questions to engage their pupils in open, frank and informed debate. The Citizenship Foundation has itself compiled a useful background brief which can be viewed at www.citizenshipfoundation.org.uk. This was written by Michael Brunson, former Political Editor of ITN and a Trustee of the Citizenship Foundation. Michael Maclay, Chairman of the Citizenship Foundation said: 'It is vitally important that young people are given the opportunity to take an informed view of the crisis in the Middle East. They must be encouraged to develop their own views on the basis of a wide range of facts, perspectives and opinions. Michael Brunson's briefing will be helpful in providing the information they need. Young people must feel that it is their world that is in the making, and that their views on it are going to count'. Share

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