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29 November, 2000

Government supports Citizenship and Human Rights Education in schools

To celebrate the distribution of the YCP and the publication of Active Citizenship, a launch will be held in the House of Commons on 13 December 2000.

Young Citizen's Passport, Human Rights Act Edition, developed by the Citizenship Foundation. 250,000 copies of the Young Citizen's Passport will be distributed FREE to all secondary schools in England and Wales in December 2000 with funding from the Home Office and the DfEE. The oung Citizen's Passport has helped many thousands of young people across the country since it was first published in 1995. Supported by the Home Office and DfEE the Human Rights Act Edition incorporates the recent Human Rights Act with a section provided by the Home Office in association with the DfEE. Students from the Thorpe St Andrew High School, Norfolk and Bennett Memorial Diocesan School, Kent two of the many schools that have helped in the development of the book will be at the launch to talk about their views of the Young Citizen's Passport and the importance of Citizenship education. The Young Citizen's Passport has benefited a wide range of people. Youth workers gave copies to a bus load of young people and were stunned when it went quiet - each one started reading in earnest. A lawyer once asked for the source of a case study in the YCP so he could use it in his own legal case. A group of adults were given copies and the following week they were solving their problems with consumer goods. The Young Citizen's Passport - practical, useful, straightforward to use. The Citizenship Foundation is one of the leading organisations promoting citizenship education, raising students' awareness of important issues surrounding citizenship and giving them a fuller understanding of their rights and responsibilities in the community. The Citizenship Foundation is working on Understanding Citizenship, a new Key Stage 3 Citizenship course to be published in 2001. Share

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