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19 April, 1999

'Charity Matters' A resource book for teachers

As part of the provision for citizenship education in schools the Citizenship Foundation and Directory of Social Change the leading provider of information and training for charities have produced, with part-funding from the Charities Aid Foundation, Charity Matters - a resource pack for teachers of 14-17 year-olds.

With photocopiable materials and teachers' notes for guidance, the activities are designed to help students understand some of the many questions arising from the work of charities. Some of the issues and questions raised in Charity Matters: the purpose of charities and how they are established; why do charities exist? attitudes towards giving; do we have any obligations to give to charity? do the rich have a duty to help the poor? how charities raise money; does it matter how charities try to raise money? the National Lottery; the difficulty of deciding how to respond to needy causes. The materials are written for use within Citizenship and General Studies courses for students in years 10-13, and GCSE and locally accredited KS4 courses in RE. The pack also provides useful source material for the Changemakers programme.

Notes for editors:

Charity Matters is being launched on Tuesday 20 April 1999 at Charityfair 99, Business Design Centre, Islington, London, at 5.30 pm.

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