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25 February, 1999

Blind and partially sighted teenagers are read their rights at the Ministry of Sound

Five students from the RNIB New College Worcester have joined forces with professional presenters Sue Cook, John Humphrys, Liz Barclay, Libby Purves, Trevor Phillips, John Peel and Peter White to literally 'read their rights' to fellow partially-sighted and blind young people in the first ever Audio Edition of the award-winning Young Citizen's Passport.

The talking book, laying down the law of England and Wales, has been produced by the Citizenship Foundation in double cassette and triple CD versions, and is being launched at The Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, London SE1 6DP, at 1pm on Tuesday 9th March 1999.

Funding from the Lloyds TSB Foundation has also enabled the Citizenship Foundation to produce Braille editions of the handbook, which are being given free to every Further Education College in the country.

Introducing the audio edition which will also be available free of charge John Peel OBE says:

\'It contains all you ever wanted to know about sex, drugs and rock\'n\'roll, stuff which was considered so subversive in my day that it wasn\'t revealed until it was far too late to be of any use.\'

Lord Phillips of Sudbury OBE, Chairman of the Citizenship Foundation, says:

\'Knowledge of the law and our rights is fundamental to good citizenship and must not be the exclusive preserve of the sighted in the community. It is our great pleasure to be able to make this information accessible to young people with as much, if not a greater, need for it than most.

The Launch

At the Launch a promotional copy of the audio edition will be played. A Braille copy of the book will be presented to the Further Education Colleges and CD and Cassette copies will be presented to the RNIB who will be distributing the audio edition, which is also being made available free. The five blind and partially-sighted teenage readers will each receive a Discman from Sony, on which to hear their own valuable contributions.

The Audio Edition


Chapter 1, Life - Trevor Phillips;

Chapter 2, Home - Victoria Oruwari;

Chapter 3, Education - Libby Purves;

Chapter 4, Family - Kyllie Green;

Chapter 5, Money - Liz Barclay;

Chapter 6, Work - Mark Higgins;

Chapter 7, Leisure - Peter White;

Chapter 8, Travel and Transport - Paul Bryce;

Chapter 9, Safety - Sue Cook;

Chapter 10, Police - Tom Johnston;

Chapter 11, Law Government - John Humphrys.

Music by Mike Sampey

Produced by Daire Brehan

Design by Michael Grimes

Cover design by Nomad Graphique

The Young Citizen\'s Passport is edited by Tony Thorpe.

The print edition is sponsored by Britannia and Service First and published by Hodder and Stoughton.

ISBN 0-340-73051-X.

The Citizenship Foundation

The Citizenship Foundation is a registered charity which promotes citizenship education through a wide range of programmes in the fields of law and the legal system, human rights, education for democracy and moral and critical thinking. It produces teaching materials for schools, runs courses and national competitions. It promotes citizenship through schemes like the Gulbenkian Awards in both parts of Ireland and is currently involved producing materials for use with young offenders, as well as its ongoing work in the development of citizenship education within the school curriculum. Share

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