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14 July, 2005

Millionth recipient of Young Citizens Passport takes tea at the House of Lords

8 pupils from Bishop Thomas Grant School took tea yesterday at the House of Lords with Lord Phillips of Sudbury OBE, the founder of the Citizenship Foundation, to celebrate the success of the Young Citizen’s Passport (YCP), the award winning guide to law for young people. The school was the recipient of the millionth copy of the new 10th edition of the YCP, which just been distributed to all state secondary schools, special schools, sixth forms and Pupil Referral Units in England and Wales

Lord Phillips of Sudbury the millionth copy of the Young Citizen's Passport at the House of Lords.
Lord Phillips of Sudbury joins the celebrations for the millionth copy of the Young Citizen's Passport

Rita Donnelly, teacher at Bishop Thomas Grant School in Lambeth, who accompanied the children, said, “The Young Citizen’s Passport teaches students an appreciation of their democratic rights and responsibilities and in so doing, enables them to be informed, involved, active, generous and caring citizens of the 21st century.”

Tony Thorpe, the author of the book, said, “There is something about the law which many people find of relevance – particularly when their circumstances are changing. Young people’s lives change more quickly than at any other period. As they move from 14-19, they face a wide range of law-related contexts – at school, in terms of relationships, drugs, employment, family, housing – and the Young Citizen’s Passport tries to help them make sense of these.”

Philip Walters, managing director at Hodder Murray, the publishers of the book, who also attended, commented, “The real joy of the Young Citizen’s Passport for everyone involved with it at Hodder Murray is that we know that this book is read from cover to cover, and with real enthusiasm, by all the students for which it’s intended. They know it’s their passport to life, at and after school.”

Marcel, 13, who was one of the students at the House of Lords, commented, “I am interested about the law because it will help us determine our future so if we choose to abide by the law we can have a better future. But if we defy the law we will have a harder time in the future. Also, that if we don’t like certain laws we can try to make a difference in the judgements made.”

The pocket-sized guide provides invaluable and succinct advice on a wide range of issues including family, employment, training and money. The Department for Constitutional Affairs awarded a grant to the Citizenship Foundation to support the free distribution of almost 250,000 copies of the indispensable books, ensuring that each institution receives 30 copies each. The Foundation is sending out 100,000 more through a network of organisations working directly with hard-to-reach young people, such as youth services and projects, secure training centres and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

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About the Citizenship Foundation

The Citizenship Foundation is an independent charity (no. 801360) which aims to empower individuals to engage in the wider community through education about the law, democracy and society. Founded in 1989, we focus particularly on developing young people’s citizenship skills, knowledge and understanding. www.citizenshipfoundation.org.uk

Our work includes:

• A comprehensive range of citizenship resources for a wide audience from teachers to young offenders.

• Nationwide and international training programmes.

• National active learning projects for secondary schools.

• Community projects to develop citizenship education as a collective responsibility.

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