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6 May, 2004

Holocaust and Human behaviour seminar

American organisation Facing History and Ourselves crosses the Atlantic this summer to train teachers in their internationally successful methodology for teaching Citizenship.

Facing History encourages students to make the essential connections between history and the moral choices they confront in their own lives. It does this by studying the historical development and lessons of the rise of the Nazis and other examples of collective violence (such as Rwanda, Armenia and South Africa).

Facing History has been used in the UK to meet key stage 3 & 4 standards in History and Citizenship. “[it is] an excellent framework from which to hang the demands of the English National Curriculum for History…Facing History would work particularly well in schools that develop the Citizenship National Curriculum through Humanities subjects”, said a teacher from Woolwich Polytechnic.

“Students are much more open to looking at the individual as an agent of historical change and to the role that the ‘ordinary person’, so easily overlooked in conventional historical study, can have in facilitating or inhibiting change in society.”

FHAO’s ‘Summer Institute’, taking place in London between 26 and 30 July 2004, will explore core themes such as issues of identity, bystander behaviour and participation.

Spaces are now booking, and substantial bursaries are available.


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