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4 October, 2011

Conservative Party Conference urged to keep political literacy at the heart of citizenship education

Interviewed on the main conference stage by Tim Loughton MP, Danny Bartlett, founder of Hands Up Who's Bored, said that young people have a 'huge appetite' for political engagement.

The coalition government is considering removing citizenship from the National Curriuclum. Danny pointed out that it has become a popular subject among young people:

'In the last two years citizenship education has been the fastest growng GCSE subject', he told the confrence.

Although they are often portrayed as being apathetic, Danny believes young people are just bored by the culture of politics. He used the recent riots cleanup as an example of young people taking positive action. 

'Whatever happens with citizenship education, I want the government to ensure that political literacy lies at the heart [of it],' he said.

Hands Up Who’s Bored, one of o2′s Think Big projects, is Danny’s campaign to promote political education. It supports Democratic Life, a coalition of organisations and individuals campaigning to keep citizenship on the National Curriculum.


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