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8 September, 2011

Learning from the riots: a resource for primary schools

The new school year has started. Some of the young people now back in class were caught up in the summer unrest, while many more are trying to make sense of what happened.

This is as true in primary schools as it is in others. To help schools support children in unpacking the events of the summer, our Go-Givers team has written a free lesson plan (.ppt) for primary teachers.

The lesson plan:

  • Addresses the subject sensitively and objectively;
  • Gives children facts and allows them to form their own opinions;
  • Explores some of the consequences;
  • Inspires and empowers children to take action.

Citizenship is the one curriculum subject that can address and unpack such fast moving and global changes. This new lesson plan (.ppt) explores issues and consequences, and ties firmly to National Curriculum learning objectives in both citizenship and English.

See Back to school with citizenship for more about how we can help.


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