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30 June, 2011

Involve your students in the big economic issues!

In September our Paying for It programme is publishing free, updated curriculum resources for economic awareness. The lesson plans help students learn about the current challenges and shape public debate.

The updated lessons are appropriate for citizenship, PSHE and modern studies at Key Stages 3 and 4 (ages 14-16) and suit standalone classes (to address specific areas of public spending such as education or health). However, they are best used as a body of learning that can be concluded with participation in our Chance to be Chancellor challenge.

Chance to be Chancellor is an online interactive educational challenge, which forms part of our Paying for It offer. It helps students learn about the Budget and encourages them to share their opinions on the challenging decisions facing the Chancellor. The next Challenge launches in January 2012.

Participants in Chance to be Chancellor stand to win great prizes. On top of that, the results are published as the ‘Youth Budget' and used to promote young people's opinions on the Budget and economy.

From January 2012 we will offer free Chance to be Chancellor school sessions to engage and facilitate your students taking part in the challenge.

Paying for It will also offer free teacher training on using our secondary school resources to bring the current economic challenges into the classroom.

Training places are limited. For more information email Paying for It or contact us on 020 7566 4136.


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