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13 April, 2011

Join hundreds of others calling on government to keep citizenship on the curriculum

There is just one day left to respond to the government's National Curriculum Review.

So far, almost 300 people have used Democratic Life's online form to ask the governemnt to keep citizenship on the National Curriculum. Many more have signed the petition.

There is clear support for the subject:

'Citizenship is about the here and now, helping kids make sense of a complex world. It is an essential part of the curriculum';

'My daughter goes to a school for children with moderate learning difficulties. On a walk round the school, the Head showed me the classes for Citizenship and said "these are the most important lessons we give to our children and we value these most highly". And, as I have followed my daughter's education as a child with special needs, I have to agree. Citizenship informs and helps the world make sense.... and gives the disadvantaged the skills to participate and interact. Losing this would be a real blow to her and children like her becoming full and active members of society'.

Alastair Campbell, previously head of communications for the Labour Party, also pledged support. Writing on Democratic Life's website he said:

'There is a need for more education in this area, not less.

'I have always felt that just as we teach our kids from an early age that family life is important, and sport is good for them, and healthy eating is good for them, so we should do more to teach youngsters from primary school onwards - positively - that politics is a fundamental part of their lives'.

As one commenter put it:

'Why would anyone want to return to a time where people aren't even told how their country works or that there are opportunities to change it?'

Submitting a response is easy, thanks to the Democratic Lfe coalition. Simply edit the form on their website and submit it. Your response will be copied automatically to the National Curriculum Review team. You have until the end of tomorrow (14 April) to submit a response.

Democratic Life is a group of interested individuals and organisations that have come together to champion citizenship education in the face of uncertain political support for the subject.


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