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10 March, 2011

Alastair Campbell calls for more citizenship education not less

Since appearing on Channel 4's 'Jamie's Dream School', Alastair Campbell has become a firm supporter of political education in the classroom.

Writing for Democratic Life today, he says:

"Whether we call it citizenship, democracy or politics, there is a need for more education in this area, not less. That’s why I am supporting the Democratic Life campaign to keep citizenship in the National Curriculum".

"I have always felt", he goes on, "that just as we teach our kids from an early age that family life is important, and sport is good for them, and healthy eating is good for them, so we should do more to teach youngsters from primary school onwards – positively – that politics is a fundamental part of their lives."

'We need more citizenship education, not less' (democraticlife.org.uk)

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