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8 March, 2004

Politics, media and young people: online debate

HeadsUp, the Hansard Society’s website where under-18s debate politics and political issues, today launches a new discussion forum on the role of the media in UK politics.

The forum tackles issues such as how the media influences the political awareness and participation of young people and asks challenging questions about whose responsibility it is to make politics more relevant to young people: the media, the politicians, or young people themselves?

Questions will be put by political journalists from the parliamentary press gallery and results from the forum will form evidence to the new Hansard Society commission, Parliament in the Public Eye, chaired by Lord Puttnam, which is examining the role played by the media in communicating parliamentary democracy.

HeadsUp is a resource for teaching the political literacy element of the Citizenship Curriculum. In addition to the forum are teachers’ notes, ideas for classroom activities and background information, all available on the HeadsUp website.

“The role of the media in the political process has never been more topical," said Ross Ferguson, co-ordinator of HeadsUp.

"The HeadsUp forum provides an excellent opportunity to gauge young people’s understanding and perceptions of the role the media plays in the parliamentary political process.”

Teachers can register their school to take part (via the website at www.headsup.org.uk). 'Politics in the media: turn off or turn on?' runs from March 8 until March 19, 2004.

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