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6 December, 2010

Act Global talks 'What if there were no borders?'

On Tuesday 25 January 2011 at the Royal Commonwealth Society in London, teachers are invited to the first in a series of Act Global talks, exploring the question ‘What if…there were no borders?’

In the UK, immigration was a key issue in the run up to the election, especially after the embarrassment of ‘bigotgate'. But how do these issues affect young people?

On the one hand, opponents point to figures suggesting migration takes jobs from ‘British' people and that young people are losing out on entry level jobs. But others argue immigration helps boost the economy. One effect of the planned cap would be potentially closing the doors to 120,000 international students. With the current protests over tuition fees, losing out on the contributions of foreign students will mean students in this country will be forced to pay even more for their degrees. How can young people discuss these issues and come to their own conclusions?

Act Global talks will debate the arguments for freedom of movement and explore the consequences of a no borders policy. There will be an opportunity to see practical tools and resources you can use to engage young people with this topical issue. Speakers at the event include Christine Bacon, Artistic Director of iceandfire; Ian Gordon, Professor of Human Geography at LSE; Nathalie Rothschild, commissioning editor of online magazine Spiked.

The talks will be filmed and available after the event on the Teach Act Global network along with a series of five lessons, which will examine the causes and effects of migration alongside critical connection and solutions.

In order to register for the event and to find out more about Act Global, please sign up to Teach Act Global and visit the event page.

Act Global connects teachers and students from around the world in taking action on global poverty-related issues. The project is run jointly by the Citizenship Foundation and Relief International UK. If you have any questions about how you can get involved in the project, please contact Leila.nicholas@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk. 

To find out more please email:

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From David Mallard - Bingley
How muh does it cost to attend please.Thanks

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