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8 October, 2010

Downing Street hosts some very special guests!

On Wednesday 6 October, following the success of the Go-Giver’s ‘Dear Prime Minister’ competition in May, the winner, Ione Goodwin, runner up, Ben Hampel and four other children who also entered the competition, Hugo Elliot Russell, Joshua Barroll Brown, Freddie Stone and Harriet Lock, were invited to 10 Downing Street for a guided tour. The children had the opportunity to sit around the Cabinet table, where the most important decisions of the country are made. Harriet said, ‘This is an historical moment for me and I’m only 10!’

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time at Downing Street and felt their hard work had been worthwhile. Some of the children said how important they felt and how they believed that children should be listened to.

‘If I was the Prime Minister, I'd let children have more opportunities to get involved in politics. It's not just adults that have something to say - children have an important role in society too and I think the politicians would be surprised how much we'd have to say if they gave us the chance!' Ben, 9.

Through writing their letters, these children are already preparing themselves to be future voters, who can contribute to society. However, perhaps this visit will have inspired them to become future leaders too.

Some of the ‘Dear Prime Minister' letters representing advice from the nation's primary children have been compiled into a book full of ‘real', quality, inspiring and persuasive language. It can be purchased online at www.gogivers.org.

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