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18 August, 2010

Go-Givers Make a Difference Challenge 2011

For the third year running we are inviting schools to take part in the Go-Givers Make a Difference Challenge. The celebration event will be held in the Chamber, City Hall on 29 March 2011.

What is Make a Difference Challenge?

The Make a Difference Challenge demonstrates Go-Givers in action! It is a child-led citizenship project for key stage 2 that supports pupils in identifying and researching a cause or concern that they want to address through fundraising, raising awareness or taking direct action. The project aims to:

• Increase self confidence;
• Deepen feelings of empathy;
• Expand children's understanding of communities, and the contribution they make to them;
• Develop citizenship skills:
• Develop team working skills;
• Broaden and deepen the curriculum through cross-curricular work:
• Give children the space to reflect on their particular talents, values and goals.

According to information taken from the recent Ofsted report on Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) in schools from July 2010: ‘The more successful schools actively sought opportunities for "real life" projects through, for example, fundraising, enterprise projects, the management of school events such as music and drama performances, and citizenship projects based in the community.'

In June 2010, speaking about how today's youth is vital to Big Society, Tim Loughton MP said: 'Some of the best ideas I've seen around the country come from young people...Everybody needs to have a voice in the big society.'

The Make a Difference Challenge gives teachers and children the support, guidance and advice needed to deepen and gain skills to become more caring and concerned citizens, with knowledge and understanding of how to make a difference.

The Go-Givers team will be running their Make a Difference Challenges training days in January. You can book your place by contacting Victoria Quijada on 020 7566 5036. Alternatively fill in the booking form below and fax it to 020 7566 4131.

You can also find a selection of case studies and more information, including a DVD by clicking on the link below.



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