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29 June, 2010

Act Global has end of term activities covered!

If you are looking for great learning activities for the end of the summer term, then look no further than the global poverty visualisation project from the Act Global team.

The causes and effects, our connections and the solutions to poverty can be hidden. Emotionally, geographically and historically the causes of poverty can remain distant, complex and difficult to make sense of. In this project students will invert this situation by revealing and exposing poverty. They will do this through creating visualisations of causes, effects, connections and issues by drawing maps, creating images and producing designs.

The global poverty visualisation project has been designed to be used in class or across a year group with a range of subjects.

For more details about the project and the Act Global resources, please contact Ade or sign up for the Act Global programme at www.teachactglobal.org.

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