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22 January, 2004

New card game for teaching citizenship

Schools looking for practical methods of delivering Citizenship in the classroom may be interested in a new card game called Democs (Deliberative MEeting Of Citizens).

Developed by the New Economics Foundation in association with the Citizenship Foundation, Democs is designed to make it easy for people to work out, share and express their views on public policy issues.

Originally developed for adults, a version of Democs is being designed to address key aspects of the Citizenship curriculum in schools. As well as as using the game in lessons or timetable slots, facilitators can work with an entire year group playing a number of games at the same time.

Democs utilises the communication skills of dialogue: that is, making a viewpoint as clear as possible to others, investigating a subject area, hearing differences in opinion, and seeking a common understanding of the issue. They aim to help participants ground their opinions in the experiences, thoughts and feelings of themselves and others.

Democs issues are topical , contentious and have no easy answer (such as GM food and international trade). No prior knowledge of the subject area is needed.

So far Democs has been played in seven subject areas. Eventually it is hoped that people to will produce Democs kits for their own subject areas that will impact on local issues of democracy.

Democs is also a good tool for developing and informing public policy.

Help develop Democs

If you are interested in helping pilot the use of Democs to deliver KS 3&4, please contact Karen Smith at the New Economics Foundation (details below).

Further information

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