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24 June, 2009

Citizenship Foundation teacher training

The Citizenship Foundation has a strong record of providing effective teacher training based around Citizenship Education, with a particular emphasis on the various Citizenship Foundation projects, such as Giving Nation, Go Givers and Paying for It. In 08/09 we trained 1355 teachers and we are projected to train a further 1652 teachers in 09/10.

The training is offered in many different formats to ensure it is relevant, effective and helpful to teachers. There are general seminars and workshops on Citizenship in addition to training programs based on individual Citizenship Foundation projects.

These programs explain in detail how each Citizenship Foundation project works and provide clear guidance on how to use the accompanying resources (i.e. websites, packs and pamphlets); this could be via a 15 minute presentation demonstrating a website or a full day training session with examples of practical activities which could be used in lessons. The Go Givers team also provides training around generic child-centred teaching techniques and activities in relation to the active citizenship project, the Make a Difference Challenge.

The National Youth Parliament competition project offers informative training sessions that take place in the Houses of Parliament. These include working with the Parliament Education Service to educate teachers about various Parliament and Government activities, as well as taking them, step-by-step, through the competition and enabling them to understand the processes involved in parliamentary debating.

This training does not just reach teachers of Citizenship, but also Drama, English, Geography Enterprise, PSHE, Business Studies and Economics teachers, and the Go Givers team train Primary school teachers who teach all curriculum subjects. Often the teachers trained are multi-disciplinary as many schools do not have a staff member who specialises in Citizenship and this is often the reason that they request the additional support of teacher training. The Citizenship Foundation also works with Pupil Referral Units (PRUS), through the Citizenship Challenge Project, and here most teachers teach up to six or seven subjects of which Citizenship is just one.

Some projects have Outreach Managers who work alongside and support teachers in the classroom. They train teachers in schools, ITT colleges/universities, supply agencies and at LEA meetings/events. In addition, the Youth Act program provides direct training to teachers and other professionals, such as youth workers and police officers, who work with young people.

If you would like more information on the training that Citizenship Foundation projects offer to teachers and other professionals please contact Emma Doyle at the Citizenship Foundation.

To find out more please email:

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