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10 June, 2009

Who Do We Think We Are? Week 22nd to 28th June

The annual programme of advice and curriculum support, that helps schools explore issues of identity, diversity and citizenship on a local and national scale, culminates in a national week of events and activities.

Who do we think we are? Week  runs from 22nd to 28th June.  The Who Do We Think We Are? project encourages primary and secondary school students to explore their own identities, as well as those of others, and the diversity and citizenship in their schools, local communities and nationally.

It helps them to consider what makes us who we are, is it: Where we were born? Where our parents came from? Where we live? Our communities? Our faith and beliefs? Our profession? Many schools have explored these questions through visiting local places of worship or civic buildings and by holding celebratory events. Some schools have also explored the geography and history of their local area and shared their findings with a school from a contrasting setting.

The WDWTWA project provides subject specific support for citizenship, geography, history and RE lessons through its website, as well as guidance for the project including learning resources, case studies and toolkits.

The project is supported by DCSF and run by a partnership which includes the Citizenship Foundation as well as the following subject bodies: Association for Citizenship Teaching, Historical Association and the Royal Geographical Society, alongside key stakeholders including the Schools Linking Network.

Further information about the Who Do We Think We Are? Week can be obtained by emailing the project officer at wdwtwa@rgs.org.



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