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16 October, 2003

Young people tell the Prime Minister to take them seriously

Four young people will deliver a report to the Prime Minister today. It will recommend ways to help young Britons get involved in the political process.

The report is called A young person's agenda for democracy - one year on. It is published today by the Youth Voting Network, a group of more than 30 organizations.

The report wants the government and politicians to treat young people seriously. This means to listen properly and not to patronise them. It also wants more resources for citizenship education.

Louise King is the Senior Policy Officer at the Children's Rights Alliance for England, which is a member of the Network. She said:

'While some good work is underway, more effort is needed by those heading the political process if young people are to feel they have a genuine stake in society.

'It is not apathy that keeps youngsters away from party politics, but feelings of disengagement, and a lack of belief that their views will be listened to, respected and acted upon.'

The report also wants the media to take more risks, such as including politics in soap operas and chat shows.


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