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9 June, 2009

Schools for Society: Learning Democracy in Europe

Schools for Society: Learning Democracy in Europe is a new handbook promoting democratic skills through cooperation with community organisations by Ted Huddleston and Susanne Frank.

The handbook, commissioned by the Network of European Foundations (NEF), is a practical guide to how schools can contribute to democracy in Europe. It looks at the role that schools across Europe can play in fostering more inclusive and sustainable forms of democratic citizenship in society, how schools can develop this role, and ways in which foundations and other civil society organisations can support them in carrying it out.

Packed with practical case studies, the handbook is written with the aim of increasing collaboration between schools and foundations, charitable trusts and other civil society organisations interested in supporting projects in the field of school democracy - from small local groups such as parents' associations and local voluntary agencies to national and international foundations and NGOs.

The aim of the handbook is to help schools to enhance and nurture citizenship skills and values in the young and old, through closer cooperation with the wider community. It looks at ways in which foundations and civil society organizations can act as catalysts for new thinking and practices in democratic education, identifying the most effective strategies and approaches by which this can be achieved and opening up a new agenda for action in and through schools.

The handbook is available to download for free online.

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