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9 June, 2009

Europe and Me

Europe and Me is a new set of resources designed to introduce young people to the work of the European Union.

"Europe and Me" is a new set of multi-media resources designed to introduce young people to what it means to be a citizen of Europe. 

Developed with sponsorship and in partnership with the Initiative for Learning Democracy in Europe, a project of the Network of European Foundations, "Europe and Me" gives young people the opportunity to learn about what it means to be a citizen of Europe with particular reference to the tangible benefits of enhanced rights to travel, to the same human rights across Europe and the benefits of international cooperation with regard to environmental protection, consumer protection and international aid. The resources introduce some of the practical problems facing Europe today, such as river pollution, international crime and discrimination at work and encourages young people to consider how these can be solved and the role of the European Union in this.

Through these practical examples of European cooperation, students are helped to gain a better grasp of what the EU is all about and how it works. Aimed at students who struggle to understand the EU at a more abstract level, the resource comprises brightly illustrated PowerPoint stories accompanied by a range of classroom activities, case studies, background information and practical investigations. It is aimed at young people aged 14-19. 

"Europe and Me" is free and is available in several different languages, including English, French, German and Spanish.

A full list of units includes: Environment, Law and Order, Consumer Protection, Work, Equality, Minorities and the World.

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