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22 April, 2009

A Different Audience for Frank Dobson MP

"What will you do to stop knife crime?" was the opening question from one year 5 pupil at Brecknock Primary School in Camden. The children had local MP, Frank Dobson, in the hot seat as part of their campaign to raise awareness of the impact knife crime has on communities.

The children, who are taking part in the Go-Givers Make a Difference Challenge, form one of ten London groups campaigning on issues which matter to them. The pupils at Brecknock chose to tackle knife crime after 16 year old Ben Kinsella was stabbed only metres away from the school.

After writing to their local MP to raise their concerns, the children were delighted when Mr Dobson agreed to take part in a ‘Question Time' session at the school. Mr Dobson congratulated the school for taking a proactive approach to tackling the problem of knife crime and stayed long enough to see the children perform a dress rehearsal of an anti-knife crime play, to be staged in May.

To find out more about Go-Givers visit www.gogivers.org or email Shez.


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