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10 February, 2009

Seminar Opportunity for Teachers in PRUs, YOTs and other alternative settings

The Citizenship Foundation is currently working with pupil referral units and other alternative settings across England to enhance and develop citizenship education. Through consultation, seminars and evaluation we will develop and extend our Citizenship Challenge resources.

These resources have been developed as a pilot in collaboration with a small number of colleagues in PRUs and the next stage of this development is to trial the resources nationally.

As part of this project, we are running two free seminars for teachers, which will include contributions towards the cost of supply cover. The first will look at citizenship education, the Citizenship Challenge resources, accreditation and offer an opportunity for sharing teaching ideas. Participants will then trial the resources with their own students, feeding back their comments, ideas and adaptations at the second seminar. We will use the feedback we receive to develop and extend them. The project will also prepare a report for DCSF and policy makers with recommendations as to how citizenship in these settings can be supported and strengthened.

There are three opportunities for you to attend the first seminar:

  • Monday 2nd March 2009, Thistle Hotel Euston, London
  • Monday 9th March 2009, Thistle Hotel Manchester
  • Wednesday 11th March 2009, Thistle Hotel Euston, London

The second seminars will take place in late June/early July 2009. All attendees of the first seminar will be expected to come to this second event.

For more information and to book a place please contact Julie Nakhimoff on 020 7566 5032 or julie.nakhimoff@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk.



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