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19 December, 2008

Professor Sir Bernard Crick remembered today at the Citizenship Foundation

We were very sad to hear today (19 December 2008)that Professor Sir Bernard Crick has died after a long battle against illness.

Sir Bernard, who was 79 years old on Tuesday, will be most remembered in the Citizenship Education community for the publication of his landmark report Education for Citizenship and the Teaching of Democracy in Schools in 1998.  The report, which was to be followed by two subsequent reports - one on the Citizenship Education needs of 16-19 year-olds and one concerned with Citizenship issues as they apply to newcomers - led directly to the introduction of Citizenship to the National Curriculum in September 2002. 

Tony Breslin, Chief Executive at the independent education and participation charity, the Citizenship Foundation, commented

Few individuals have had such a transformative effect, not just on Citizenship Education but on the broader social curriculum, in the past half-century.  Sir Bernard was not only a terrific friend of the Citizenship Foundation, but the founding President of the Association for Citizenship Teaching and a founding member, 30 years beforehand, of the Politics Association. His land-mark text ‘In Defence of Politics’  was required reading when I studied A level Government and Politics almost 30 years ago. - the fact that it remains so with politics students today reminds us of just how important a figure Sir Bernard has been to this field. 

We have lost a champion, but we owe it to him to continue to fight for and strengthen the political and educational objectives that he held dear and to maintain and broaden the very broad range of cross-party support that he brought to these causes”. Share

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