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15 December, 2008

Hampshire school students raises 2,000 through the Giving Nation Challenge

In early 2008, students and teachers at Swanmore College, Hampshire took on the Giving Nation Challenge to stimulate charity and community action at their school.

After just six weeks of following the programme the students had already raised over £2,000 for causes selected by the student body.

When teacher Clare Baker took on the Giving Nation Challenge at her school Swanmore College of Technology she had no idea that her students would be motivated to raise over £2000 for such a broad range of local, national and international charities.

"The appeal of taking up the Giving Nation Challenge was the chance to enhance charitable action at our college through our House system. Attenborough House, places a particular importance action for charities so the Challenge felt like a natural way to boost this." Clare, Citizenship teacher at Swanmore explained.

The students in Attenborough House were divided by year group and given £50 each of the £450 Challenge grant to find the best way of raising money for a cause selected by students. The issues and approaches to fundraising varied greatly from raising funds for a local hospice to building up a water pump in an African village.

Inspired by the school's healthy eating policy, students in year nine successfully ran a Milk Bar selling milk shakes over the five week period making £230 to be donated to their chosen cause. Thanks to their success and endeavour they were voted winners of the Giving Nation Challenge. On winning, a member of the team said: ‘We loved doing the Challenge!I don't always join in with things but because we all made sure we really worked as a team, I really enjoyed co-ordinating the milk bar and its smooth running.' Clare added:

"Swanmore students' experience of the Challenge demonstrated active Citizenship at its very best giving pupils an opportunity to make a positive whilst learning how their endeavour offers such potential to make money for a good cause."

The Giving Nation Challenge is designed specifically to support Citizenship and Enterprise learning in th secondary curriculum. The Giving Nation team are currently offering free grants of up to £450 and free curriculum-based active learning resources to English secondary schools to boost learning about charities, social enterprises and individual giving. For more information please contact The Giving Nation team 0207 566 4141.


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