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15 September, 2008

Council for Education in World Citizenship merges with the Citizenship Foundation

The UK's longest established independent body for Citizenship Education, the Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC), has merged with the Citizenship Foundation.

Since 1989 the Citizenship Foundation has been a key player in the campaign to establish Citizenship as a part of the National Curriculum in schools. The Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC) was established in 1939 to promote the importance of political and civic engagement within and across national boundaries.

We are delighted that this merger will allow us to build on CEWC's wealth of experience in this area of citizenship education.

David Miles, Chair of Trustees at CEWC, said:

"We are really excited by the Foundation's plans to build on CEWC's history ... and their focus on developing in young people the kind of skills, knowledge and values that are vital if we are to promote the kind of ethical, responsible and active citizenship that has always been at the core of our vision".

Michael Maclay, Chair of Trustees at the Citizenship Foundation, welcomed the merger:

"We are absolutely delighted that CEWC is to become part of the Citizenship Foundation and we look forward to building on the rich legacy that its work provides".

A World Citizenship Advisory Group has been set up, and Ruxandra Ratiu has been appointed as the Citizenship Foundation's new International Project Officer. The programme will draw on CEWC's extensive range of partners and networks, including CEWC Cymru in Wales which remains an independent body.

CEWC's website has become what is now our Global Citizenship blog.


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