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4 September, 2008

Knife crime: citizenship education can help

Knife crime is a complicated issue and demands action from us all, said the Citizenship Foundation's Ade Sofola on BBC News recently.

Ms Sofola was responding to the story of fifteen year-old Andrea Ditch who organised her own knife amnesty in Crawley, South London, resulting in the surrender of four hundred knives.

Interviewed on BBC Regional News on Wednesday, Ade highlighted the importance of young people as part of the solution alongside communities, parents, and local authorities. She also commented on the support that young people receive, and that it is not being matched by the investment to make their hopes and plans into realities.

Citizenship education, she said, gives young people the skills and knowledge to engage actively in issues that concern them.

Ade Sofola is Director of the Citizenship Foundation's Youth Act programme, which trains and supports groups of young people to bring change to their communities.


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From eloise staniforth -
i am 17 years old and studying A-level graphic art. Any campaign posters or information leaflets you have or any artists names you have employed to design them would be greatly appreciated, as i am doing a project to raise awareness of knife crime in britain. anything you can send me would be a huge help. thank you.

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