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26 August, 2008

Positive feedback for refugees guide

Life and Law in Britain - a guide to legal rights and responsibilities for young asylum seekers and refugees in Britain - received positive feedback in its recent evaluation.

With the support of the Lloyds TSB Foundation and the AB Charitable trust, we have conducted a full evaluation of Life and 'Law in Britain: a guide for young asylum seekers and refugees' to provide an assessment of the publication and its use.

Overall, end users found the content adequately covered the basics of British culture and laws, with many indicating that the Guide was particularly useful as a first source of information on many topics that they found confusing or unapproachable.

The most powerful recommendation regarded the complicated issue of distribution and roll-out. It is clear from the evaluation that Life and Law in Britain must be distributed along with practical guidance for its introduction and use to, ensure that the content is of maximum benefit to vulnerable new comers to Britain.

The evaluation and its recommendations provides interested stakeholders - from both the government and non-government communities - with a clearer understanding of the needs for improved citizenship resources for immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as a more concrete understanding of how Life and Law in Britain can meet those needs.

Can you help us to reprint?

We are currently seeking funding for a reprint of the guide. The original run of 7,500 of Life and Law in Britain (generously sponsored by the Home Office, AB Charitable Trust, the Camelot Foundation, and Lloyds TSB) was out of stock only six weeks after print. We currently have a backlog of 4,500 orders, for which we are currently seeking funding from a number of generous donors.

Should you like to contribute to the next printing, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how to how.

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