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21 May, 2008

Foundation Update: May 2008

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Join in programme success

Guide to Go-Givers MAD Challenge web based teaching tools

90 lessons addressing Key Stage 1 and 2. PPT presentations and Learning Activities provide a resource for classes to learn more about the work of a range of charities, NGOs and the social issues they address aimed at supporting children's learning about their chosen cause.

  • TASC Wheel: a Plan-Do-Review model that encourages team working.
  • Decision Tree: helps children decide on a cause.
  • Mindmapping: helps relate and organise ideas.
  • De Bono Hats: tool develops different kinds of thinking.
  • Timeline: helps present events/facts electronically.
  • Ballot Box: enables the class to vote electronically.
  • World Viewer: to access data about countries.
  • Make Your Own Cartoon: featuring the Go-Givers characters.
  • Toolbox: accessed from Children's section. Downloadable information.
  • Go-Givers song: available in video and karaoke versions.

Register for FREE at www.gogivers.org. You just need your school postcode or DCSF number.

We want volunteer Youth Act Councillors aged 14-25 to campaign on London issues

Are your students concerned about gun and knife crime? Are they keen to combat global warming? Do any of them have a track record in active community work or local campaigning? They may be great candidates to become volunteer Youth Act Councillors in the new Youth Act Graduate Council being launched this month.

We need at least 20 volunteer councillors who have previous experience and a passion for campaigning on issues that matter to them and their communities. All volunteer councillors will receive FREE evening training sessions plus a fun residential weekend with the council team in July 2008 to acquire the skills necessary to run successful campaigns.

The council will debate which issues to campaign on and will hold four meetings over the next year starting in July 2008.

Encourage your students to click through to (link) and complete the application form by Friday 30th May 2008. For more details call Ade Sofola on 0207 566 5033 email ade.sofola@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk

Welcome to our new partners

The Rainforest Foundation is the Giving Nation Awards Charity Partner for 2008-2009

We are delighted to announce that the Rainforest Foundation is the Giving Nation Awards official charity partner for 2008-2009. The Rainforest Foundation will provide the winning secondary school team of the Giving Nation Awards 2008-2009 ( a secondary school charity team who have proven commitment to charity, volunteering and community action) with the fantastic opportunity to travel to Cameroon in Spring 2009 to witness the work of the Foundation creating self-sustaining rainforest communities.

Simon Counsell, Executive Director, Rainforest Foundation UK says: "The Rainforest Foundation welcomes our partnership with Giving Nation and the opportunity to encourage young people throughout the UK to do their part in creating a better planet.'

Andy Thornton, Director, Giving Nation says: ‘Our aim is to create a project where young people put their talents as charity activists into a genuine shared learning experience contributing to the important work of a charity as well as being fun.'

We are inviting students aged 11-16 from secondary schools around the U.K to fill in their school's online diaries posting their writing, photos and plans for charity fundraising, volunteering and campaigning action. The final dates for entries to the Giving Nation Giving Nation Awards 2008/2009 is Friday 18th July 2008 at 5pm

The Rainforest Foundation supports the protection of rainforests, the most diverse ecosystems on the planet and home to an estimated 50 million indigenous forest people. The destruction of millions of hectares of forest each year has a devastating impact on the lives, cultures and rights of both these people and the mass of animal and plant life of the rainforests.

Giving Nation will also award eight top regional schools with £1000, press coverage and a day trip to the prestigious Giving Nation awards ceremony at HM Treasury in London.

Giving Nation Awards deadline: 5pm, 18th July 2008 Go to www.g-nation.co.uk or email Felicity Tyson at felicity.tyson@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk call 020 7566 4151


Sign up for FREE CPD Birkbeck training - Introduction to Education for Democratic Citizenship.

The Citizenship Foundation is pleased to announce that the DCSF is extending the availability of FREE CPD training in the teaching of citizenship for the next three years. Plan now to apply for the next six month course from October 2008 - April 2009. Closing date for applications is Wednesday September 16th.

In association with Birkbeck, University of London, the Citizenship Foundation is a leading provider of this flexible course based on 40 study hours plus assignments. The course is delivered either entirely through distance learning (DL) or through a blend of DL supported by three face-to-face teaching days in London providing access to teachers everywhere. It is suitable for both secondary and primary teachers, though the emphasis is inevitably on secondary-level literature.

  • Areas covered include national curriculum citizenship, teaching and learning, community involvement, whole school citizenship and assessment.
  • The course allows teachers to work around their school commitments, optimising freer times for writing three critically analytical essays (5,000 words in all) and the development of a portfolio of evidence to meet the DCSF standards for citizenship teachers.
  • All students are supported by personal tutors and Birkbeck's ‘virtual learning environment' and library.
  • Successful candidates are awarded a certificate of professional competence and 30 Masters level CATS points which can count towards a full Masters qualification. Opportunities to undertake further studies will be made available at Birkbeck.

Candidates should be: teaching or responsible for citizenship education, school, not college-based and should have QTS. In addition, they should normally have at least two years experience of teaching citizenship.

A separate CPD course is available for post-16 tutors (contact the citizenship team at LSN for details - link to LSN or phone number).

The course but not the £750 subsidy is available to independent school teachers and teachers from other UK countries.

Closing date for applications for the October 2008 - April 2009 course is Wednesday September 16th. For further details contact Don Rowe at the Foundation don.rowe@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk.
Registration forms available from Carly Guest at Birkbeck on c.guest@bbk.ac.uk. Please quote ‘Introduction to Education for Democratic Citizenship' in your request.

Available NOW! - newly published ‘Living in Democracy' EDC/HRE Volume 111

‘Living in democracy' EDC/HRE lesson plans for lower secondary level, edited by Rolf Gollob and Peter Krapf is the third and latest volume in a series of six being published by Council of Europe Publishing. The joint authors (including Ted Huddleston and Don Rowe from the Citizenship Foundation) have developed a critical thinking approach structured around key concepts in democratic citizenship and human rights. The lesson plans fall into four modules: Individual and community, taking responsibility, participation and power and authority.

‘Living in democracy' ISBN 978-92-871-6332-5 is available to order online at Council of Europe Publishing http://book.coe.int Cost 15

Latest news from ACT - The Association of Citizenship Teachers
ACT'S new website goes live this month - at the same address www.teachingcitizenship.org.uk
Please send your lesson plans to share with colleagues. We are happy to post them anonymously if you prefer!

ACT Annual National Conference

The 2008 ACT conference will be on 30th June 2008 at the co-op in Manchester. Get fully up to date on Citizenship. It's a CPD day extraordinaire where teachers come together to improve practice and share ideas. Heaps of FREE material available in a large resources exhibition. To sign up email Millicent and Anna. Details on www.teachingcitizenship.org.uk £79 ACT members; £99 non-members (including membership rest of the school year); £30 Citizenship ITT students!

Subgscribe to ACT's monthly newsletter

ACT Association for Citizenship Teaching T: 020 7566 4133
www.teachingcitizenship.org.uk info@teachingcitizenship.org.uk

Your space or mine?

Great example - shedding new light on business

The Blyth-Jex school in Norwich, Norfolk is a Business and Enterprise Specialist College that supports students in develop the skills and attitudes essential for success in the technologically advanced society of the 21st century. And as we all know, the mother of British invention is a good shed.

The school has launched an initiative of renting out space to students at the school in six sheds where they can run their own businesses. Reflecting genuine business processes, students will have to submit an outline business plan, keep basic accounts, sign a tenancy agreement and of course pay rent!
The aim of the initiative is to create a ‘High Street' on the school campus that students can use to launch their businesses during their lunch and after school.

This new initiative will provide a fantastic learning opportunity enabling the students to have a go at running their own businesses in a "safe environment", with no long-term commitments required.
For more information on the initiative or to sponsor a shed, please contact the school's Enterprise Co-ordinator Ruth Bullard, 01603 411 721 bjrbullard@yahoo.co.uk.

To find out more please email:

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