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25 February, 2008

Call for statutory Citizenship in primary schools

The Citizenship Foundation was pleased to be invited to contribute to the Citizenship Review being undertaken by Lord Goldsmith due to report to the Prime Minister in March.

In their joint paper ‘Citizenship Education in the Primary Curriculum’, leading Citizenship Foundation educationalists Marguerite Heath, Project Manager Go-Givers; Don Rowe, Director Curriculum Resources, and Tony Breslin, Chief Executive assert that Citizenship should be granted the same Foundation Subject status in the primary school that it enjoys in the secondary phase.

The authors contend that as long as Citizenship remains non-statutory in the primary phase, it will remain a second-class member of the curriculum, under-resourced and less well placed to achieve the ambitious social aims expected of it. The authors’ view is that it is important that our education system realises these aims for the wider benefit of our society and our democracy.


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From Chris Holmes -
I totally support the suggestion that citizenship is granted the same status. It is important that a child's understanding of society and their role within it is acknowledged as having equal importance as learning about art, geography, history etc

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