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6 February, 2008

Review of identity and diversity resources published

The Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) has published a review of existing educational resources about identity and diversity.

The report, 'Identity, Diversity and Citizenship: A Critical Review of Educational Resources', was produced in response to last year's Ajegbo Report on the teaching of ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the English school curriculum.

Written for ACT by the Citizenship Foundation's Ted Huddleston, the report provides help for practitioners in selecting appropriate resources and activities for use with their students. It also highlights gaps in available resources, and provides guidance for developing and commissioning new resources.

Among its conclusions, it highlights that although there is a general abundance of teaching resources touching on certain aspects of identity and diversity, other aspects are hardly covered at all. Much of what is available is relatively undemanding for the learner and remote from real issues in the UK today.


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