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24 January, 2008

FREE Citizenship Foundation START UP GRANT CASH offer to ALL schools!

The Giving Nation team wants to visit your school to support you in setting up the exciting Giving Nation Challenge – a financially supported active learning programme encouraging pupils to understand how to set up a social enterprise or charity.

- The Giving Nation Challenge offers schools up to £450 FREE cash and FREE high quality curriculum materials.

- Up to nine classes can enter. Each class gets £50.

- Classes simulate forming a charity or a social enterprise about an issue of their choosing.

- This active learning programme also satisfies statutory Citizenship and Enterprise criteria.

The Giving Nation team visit is designed to make life easy as possible for teachers. We can help with registration, give you a short presentation about the Challenge and advise on lesson ideas, local partnerships and prizes. We also have fantastic ideas on how to integrate the Giving Nation Challenge into your lessons and assemblies.

Please contact us to book your visit by Wednesday 30th April 2008.

Email Richard John the Giving Nation Challenge’s `Active Citizenship Officer` Richard.john@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk or call him on 020 7566 4152 to request a visit.

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From Arief Rahman - Aceh Indonesia
I'm teacher of Sukma Bangsa School, a special school for tsunami's and aceh conflict children. We have some difficulties to encourage learning motivation. So, they often forget the lesson. Would you like to visit our school?

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