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24 January, 2008

New publications on citizenship education in Europe

The Citizenship Foundation’s Ted Huddleston has been involved with two recent publications on citizenship education in Europe.

The Council of Europe’s revised ‘Tool on teacher training for education for democratic citizenship and human rights education’ outlines the need for teacher training in citizenship education.

Edited by Ted, the publication identifies the kind of support required at local and national levels, the teacher competencies it aims to develop and the processes and methods of its delivery. It forms part of the Council of Europe’s EDC Pack, designed to support citizenship education across Europe. The EDC pack is available from the Council of Europe in a number of different languages.

He has also contributed a chapter on education for democratic citizenship to the new ‘Guide to Minorities and Education’, published jointly by Civic Initiatives and the King Bauduoin Foundation and available free of charge (follow link below).

This publication deals with issues of minority education in South-East Europe. It discusses challenges and current practice in a range of countries in the region, highlighting current challenges and initiatives to overcome problems. The publication draws on contributions made at a regional conference in Belgrade.


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