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25 October, 2007

Where now for European citizenship?

European citizenship was first proclaimed in the Maastricht Treaty but little flesh has been put on the legal bones as European integration has become more controversial, Citizenship Foundation Chairman Michael Maclay has claimed.

In a talk given to the London School of Economics on Monday, Mr Maclay said there is nevertheless much that can be usefully done at European level to involve citizens, especially young people, more directly in the decisions that affect them.

He said this must take place on the basis of best practice in member states, and explained the experience of the United Kingdom in developing citizenship education and social participation programmes over the past decade. He called for increased co-operation between member states and the European Commission in scaling up some of the best Commission programmes.

His talk, entitled 'European Citizenship: practical vision or empty vessel?', was given to an audience at the London School of Economics as part of the Heart of Europe series of events.

A copy of the speech is available to download (follow link below).

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