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12 October, 2007

Primary Review reveals need for statutory framework for Citizenship

The findings of today’s first interim report of the primary review led by Professor Robin Alexander reveal that national tests at 7 and 11 are putting children under unnecessary stress.

Chief Executive Tony Breslin said “The first findings from the primary review highlight the need for a statutory framework for Citizenship and PSHE and an inclusion-first approach to education policy. Such an approach highlights the needs of the whole child rather than simply academic achievement, important as that is.

“Our submission to the review earlier this year stated the need for placing Citizenship at the heart of Primary education and for a more holistic, coherent and enriched approach, with the children’s personal experiences, and their place and future in society, as a key focus.

“Citizenship, with its emphasis on oracy, active learning, and emotional literacy can play an important role in redressing the imbalance of an overly narrow curriculum, as well as helping to build links between home, school, and the community in which they are situated”


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