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10 October, 2007

Citizenship education supports inclusion, argues CEO

In a recent article for the Times Educational Supplement, Citizenship Foundation CEO Tony Breslin argued that the introduction of citizenship in secondary schools has had a positive impact not only on schools but also on the wider community.

"Teachers are asked to ensure that everyone 'achieves', writes Mr Breslin However, the more successful they are with the 50, 60 or 70 per cent who do achieve, the more excluded the other 30, 40 or 50 per cent become. Achievement creates its own exclusion.

"But if we set out from the start to include everyone, we might build a better and more socially sustainable society ... citizenship, does just that: starting by including everyone. It is the "inclusion first" approach of the Every Child Matters agenda, which promotes the idea of "full service" schools, with a renewed focus on parental support and family learning."

Read the full story on the TES website (link below)


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