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8 October, 2007

Diversity and Dialogue now enters second phase

After a successful first phase from 2004 to 2006, then led by Save the Children UK, Diversity and Dialogue now enters its second phase. James Sevitt, Diversity and Dialogue Project Manager talks about how the project has been developing.

“Diversity and Dialogue works with 14–19 year olds across the UK to build trust, address discrimination and foster more cohesive communities.

“Diversity is a complex intersection of place, faith, age, ethnicity, gender, nationality and historical experience, and Diversity and Dialogue will draw on the expertise of our advisory group and of the Citizenship Foundation to facilitate dynamic encounters between young people.

“Diversity and Dialogue is committed to youth playing an active role in all aspects of the programmes – from conception to implementation – that critically examine controversial and particularly relevant issues and equip young people with the skills and confidence to play a more active role in their communities.

“Two projects in particular are being developed. Firstly, a ‘Youth Interfaith Forum’ in March, which will facilitate over 100 young people in dialogue, arts workshops, and sessions with guest speakers and social action projects. Secondly, a cross-cultural exchange between students between from one school in rural Cornwall and one in urban East London.

“We will also further develop our UK-wide network of interfaith, intercultural and social cohesion initiatives. Supported by the projects and resources on our website, this network helps initiatives within schools and communities to share best practice, develop partnerships and work together for a more informed, inclusive and just society.”

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