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20 September, 2007

Youth Act Meets DCSF's Positive Activity Requirements

How the Citizenship Foundation's Youth Act programme meeets recent DSCF's requirements on the Statutory Provision of Positive Activities.

Let Youth Act help you with the DCSF’s Statutory Provision of Positive Activities!

In case you haven’t completely absorbed all 40 pages of the new DCSF guidance on providing positive activities for young people at the local level – here’s a quick join-up between youth Act and the new requirements…

The newly inserted section 507B of the Education Act 1996 requires that a local authority in England must, ‘so far as reasonably practicable, secure for qualifying young persons in the authority’s area access to “sufficient educational leisure-time activities which are for the improvement of their well-being, and sufficient facilities for such activities” in order to meet every child matters outcomes.

We see Youth Act as unique in joining up the volunteering agendas (“Opportunities to make a positive contribution to their community through volunteering, including leading action, campaigning and fundraising) and preparing young people for representation (“training and supporting young people to act as young advisors who can help shape services and strategies, and act as advocates, linking with wider groups of young people” ) although it works as a highly valuable stand-alone for each section for the specified 13-19s age group. By encouraging young people to work from their own motivations it ensures that they retain an independent voice while still offering “sustained, planned group activities which are led by practitioners or peers and have clear, planned non-formal educational outcomes” which, as they say “have been evidenced to have a significant impact on well-being and will be important in securing positive outcomes for many.”

We’ll second that! Our national training programme will allow you to bring that to life in your area, and is fundable through the LAA framework. Call us to help you get moving. And finally, back to the document:

“The Government is committed to expanding opportunities for young people to contribute to their communities through volunteering and other forms of action that foster a sense of citizenship.”

Funny… so are we!

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