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18 September, 2007

Foundation welcomes School Council report

Tony Breslin, Chief Executive of the Citizenship Foundation has welcomed Geoff Whitty and Emma Wisby’s report for the DCSF on school councils published today.

He said “The Report, “Real Decision Making? School Councils in Action” makes a vital contribution to the literature on student participation and school councils. The warm reception given to the report by Lord Adonis is also to be commended.

“While we recognise that there is a legitimate debate on whether school councils should be made statutory or not, the fact that nine out of ten secondary schools now have a school council is a measure of their value.

“Our position is that every school, primary and secondary should have a policy that spans community and student participation and that schools should be able to demonstrate those policies in practice, be this through the framework of a school council or an alternative strategy.

“The citizenship-rich school embraces community and student participation is a means of demonstrating its commitment to inclusion and as a mechanism for building sustainable achievement”


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